Thursday, October 1, 2015

Regluar indeed

Top of the morning, afternoon & evening ZEDHEADS! Sometimes you don't know what your capable of until you give it try.
I have been hard act work with a really special project evolving one of my favorite shows, REGULAR SHOW

Not only am I a big fan of the show but I decided to try and put my hat in on trying to work for KABOOM who helps produce the comics for the show, lets check it out! 

If your a fan of Regular Show, than this piece should speak for it self.  I choose these four characters to launch my campaign to see if I have what it takes to do art for the comic series.  Awhile back ago I did some practice runs on the main characters.  On this piece I made a reference to a movie called, "A Clockwork Orange" I really like the bright colors of the show so I kept it traditional.

Here it is in black and white.

Although the property does not belong to me, this was truly a treat to draw. There will be plenty more of art for Regular Show coming so keep an eye out ZEDHEADS. Till next time, CHEERS!


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Life's A Beach Pt.2

LIFE! I drink it in like fine wine! Not just any cheap wine, but the kind that has been aged over a great amount of years. This piece reminds me as such a feeling. Gather around ZEDHEADS, and behold a very comfortable view.

 On this peace I was imagining extreme beauty & comfort.  What better than illustrating  a combination of a beautiful woman enjoying a nice day at the beach.  I've done other pieces about a beautiful woman enjoy the day at the beach, but with this one, I  wanted to try something new with lighting. The background displays a good clash of light and dark. Its as if the rain wants to come out but is over powered by the light. The waves on the sea has a light chop to it, but not to stop anyone from taking a dip. 

The young lady is in a comfortable bliss. Her eyes tell you a story of preparing to sleep, or just waking up from a brief nap. I wanted the colors not just be vivid in this piece, but to have a soothing flow for the eyes to explore. 

Here it is in black & white

I had a great time creating this piece and I hope all who cared to view this enjoyed it. Tell next time, cheers :)



Thursday, July 30, 2015

Speed Run

Have you ever wanted to put yourself to the test? If you have a talent that you believe your good at, put yourself to the test with a speed run. Now just because your doing it faster doesn't make you better at it. Slow and steady can sometimes win the race. But what it will do is show how well you can do something in a small amount of time. Come along ZEDHEADS and let me show you another creation from the mind of... me, Kevin Guillaume.

What makes this piece special (at least to me) was that I created it in a two day span. One day too draw it and another day to color it. It was something I had never done so I was excited on what I was gonna conjure up. As usual I enjoy drawing the female body and I'm always into colorful funny art. So I combined the two to make this wonderful piece. I pictured a beautiful young lady holding magical stuffed animals captive. I wanted a good combination of colors so I made all the stuffed animals different colors as well as a multiple color gradient backdrop.  I wanted the girl to have a dash of silliness which is why I hiked up her skirt.  I wanted all who see this to get a laugh as well from what the stuffed animals were saying. 

Here it is in black and white.

This is my first speed run. I really enjoyed creating this piece in such a short time and it really showed me that I have what it takes to create something cool in a short amount of time.  Cheers ZEDHEADS



Sunday, June 28, 2015

Florida Supercon 2015

Its that time of the year again! No, I'm not talking about Christmas, I'm speaking of FSC!
Now for the past couple of years the Con has been moved from the Double tree Hotel to the Miami Beach Convention Center. Once again, another awesome smashing year for FSC. ZODCORE was there and here are some pics for you to fest on.

Who doesn't love Tank Girl

As usual, I like to take pics with tons of Cosplay. This year a little more than last :) 

Tons of stuff to view and buy!

This was a done. Check out Borderlands ZEDHEADS, a cool game for the mature audience.

My partner in crime Symantha Scott tagged along, which made the day even better :)

The Force is always there.

Every Con must have a Deadpool...its the law.
FSC paves the way for tons of new inventions, this one for me was the one that stood out the most. 
 After seeing what the Thumb Glove Pro can do I was sold and immediately bought one!
Too see more on this product and its creator, visit the site HERE

If you would like to see some really cool viddies on the Florida Super Con, click HERE
Here's to another awesome year of FSC, I'm sure each year it will get bigger and better!
Well I hope all you ZEDHEADS enjoyed all the pics for this years Florida Supercon, see you next year!

This years Con coverage for ZODCORE was sponsored by:


Friday, May 29, 2015

Slippery When Wet Starring: Jasmin Tosh

Ever feeling like doing something beautiful. For me that normally is creating an art piece. A lot of times the art piece is an illustration a beautiful woman. Come along ZEDHEADS,  today I would like to bless everyone with something beautiful to view for there enjoyment.

This is Jasmin Tosh  Before I get to the person I would like too talk about the art piece. I wanted to keep the beauty of the woman the focus point, so I kinda made the background a little basic, but yet colorful. The pool wave effects are actually a first for me but I think I pulled it off. I believe the water glistering of Miss Tosh body really showed the sexy appeal side of her. 

Now I met Miss Tosh a couple of months ago. After speaking with Miss Tosh for a couple of minutes, I really like how well spoken she was. She had a smile on her face through out our entire  conversation, to me that say's a lot. Another thing I noticed about her was her eye for fashion. She told me she's a fashion blogger and would love for me to do an art piece on her.  If you would like to know more about Miss Tosh visit her "ABOUT ME" page on her site. Check out her Instagram where it has tons of her photos to view.

Here it is in black & white.

Well I hope you ZEDHEADS enjoyed this latest piece.  Time to get ready for FSC
Tell next time everyone.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rock & Rule

Greetings, and welcome to another awesome adventure here at ZODCORE. On this post I would like talk about your inner rock star. I believe (at one point) everyone wants to be a rock star. Waking up one day you say to yourself, "Hey I can totally reach those heights". Now there are many different ways to be a rock star. My inner rock star has always been to become an awesome artist. Now enter, "ROCK & RULE"

You don't need to have a stadium full of people to feel like a rock star, so I gave it a basement like feel to this piece. As you can see the rockers are not just having fun, but also have a deep understanding of rocking hard by the emotions on there faces. Some might say that the singer shirt is a little to much, but it just represents his style of metal and of course freedom of expression.

Here it is in black and white. 

Weather it be an artist, athlete, song writer, actor, dancer, mechanic, or what ever it is that fancies you, I hope this art piece helps unleash your inner rock star. Till next time folks :)



Sunday, March 1, 2015

Break The Walls Down!

Sometimes through my art skills, I like to give thanks to others.  Every now or then I would create a piece for a friend, a loved one or even a complete stranger that I don't know. It is also another way for me to show gratitude for having some of my sense in-tacked for me to complete these illustrations. At times, I have to remember where the true source of my abilities come from and create a special piece for my Father in Heaven, Jehovah

I enjoyed the first piece I made for Jehovah called, "1 Timothy 2-12" so much I new I had to create  another one for the Father.  This particular piece talks about Jericho
For the most accurate knowledge of this piece I would advise you to go the links I have highlighted. 

 In this piece I wanted to give a vivid look on what the beginning results were when the wall started to collapse.  Although the castle was built with rock and sand, I wanted to show a lush grass field to show that when it comes to choosing a place to live, a good location for water was needed.
Although other pics show many more people blowing trumpets, I wanted to focus on the castle crumbling down. The light coming from the ski represents an angle helping out Joseph and his descendants with the great task.

Here it is in black and white.

Well I hope all you ZEDHEADS enjoyed this piece I created for the Almighty God, Jehovah.



Sunday, January 18, 2015

Magic City Con 2015

Greetings ZEDHEADS!!! For the first time I went to a new CON called Magic City Con right here in Miami. I had such a blast I wanted to share some sweet pics with all of you!


She did an AWESOME job on this Rogue costume :)

Went with a good friend of mine and he loves the lady's ;)

Of course I had to take a couple of pics with some groovy chicks as well :)

These groovy chicks are with Mythix Studios/Conjure Press
I had a great conversation with them and I can already tell that they are working with a great motivated team in this awesome world of books and comics. You can find them on there FB page HERE
Also hit them up through her as well:
Philip Lee McCall II 954-399-2512
There site is to know more about them.

Check out "Stickers" and her site
"The best quality collections for the best quality price"

 Great smile

 I just love the perfect combination.

  If you don't know about  ENVY US...shame on you :(

If that's not a dead on Deadpool, then I don't know what is.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed these awesome pics  from the Magic City Con. I really enjoyed taking all these far out pics. These are my kind of people and I wish this type of conventions happened everyday of the week in my home town. Tell the next con ZEDHEADS!!!!!!