About the creator of ZODCORE.

Old Pic, hair is gone now.

The Beginning 
Born in the Jackson Memorial Hospital April 14, 1977, and raised in Miami Fl, named Kevin Guillaume by his older sister Marjorie. Mr. Guillaume has alway's had an eye and canny knack for entertainment. Ever since a child he was brought into the world of the extreme nerd life style. Playing video games since the age of two to reading thousand(close to 18,000 to be exact but who's counting) comic books and graphic novels. With what Mr. Guillaume was giving from a child  he took advantage of such a brilliant and beautiful life style.  But that was not the path Mr. Guillaume took in the beginning. Because of his peers and surroundings, he took  different groove of entertainment, music.

King Kiey the MC
Born in the era of when rap was at its peek, Mr. Guillaume took much pride and love, for the once awesome genre. Influenced mostly by musicians such as N.W.A, The Beastie Boys, Run DMC and The Wu-Tang Clan.

A very serious start began  in 1998 when he decided to put his foot in the music entertainment business.  Mr. Guillaume stage name was King Kiey which was taking from Dragon Ball.  Going to countless shows, forums, events and dealing with some super stars such as ZOE POUND rap group. The rap entertainment world seemed to not appreciate the story telling artistic fun vibe Mr. Guillaume was dishing out so it was easy for him to be unnoticed in a business that is over run by violence. Mr. Guillaume created  dozens of songs, most story driving like a comic book. But it wasn't until the last song he created dubbed, "Death by Temptation" (which was taking from the cult 90's flick) is when Mr. Guillaume realized his true fate in the scheme of things, the world of entertainment. This is the last song that was written, produced and performed by Kevin Guillaume in 2004, the final hurrah of King Kiey.

A New Start
Still grinding the axe of music, fate comes knocking at his door in the form of a woman. In 2005 Mr. Guillaume met up with Lisa Ford through a mutual friend and was giving the chance to think outside of the box(especially in Miami FL where music entertainments rules) to do something so different, edgy. Ms. Ford proposed an idea for a graphic novel based on how a man took control over planet earth in the year 2025 using a narcotic, cocaine. Believing in himself, Mr. Guillaume partners up with Ms. Ford to create the book. Within  the year of 2005  the mature comic book series, The Taskmasters was created and published. Mr. Guillaume decides to focus on this career of art and leaves the music entertainment business behind. 

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The series would later have a short viral series on the Youtube channel. Future plans for The Taskmasters include cartoon series , movies and video games.

Riding this wave of anime goodness, Mr. Guillaume decides to write and create his own comic strips. In the same year he quickly develops a strip based on some of his family members, unfortunately, that had to be put away for reconstruction. In 2007 Mr. Guillaume creates his second comic strip named The Balistocrats. The idea for the strip came from a very old (but very powerful) joke called the aristocrats.  

Episode 8 "Twaut Master"

and then came a ZODCORE...

With a new breath of fresh air, Mr. Guillaume decided he would need a home and the proper mascot(s) for his constant art production. "One afternoon in 2001 I was watching Superman 2 on a local cable channel. The main protagonist was named General ZOD and I thought, that is a HARDCORE name! Then it came to me, because of thinking of the word ,HARDCORE. Took out the word hard and replaced it with ZOD, ZODCORE. I made it my email, thought it sounded cool". On November 10, 2009,  Mr. Guillaume bought the name ZODCORE through the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations and never looked back. With ZODCORE being a full fledged corporation, it needed a mascot. Instead, it got seven mascots who love to skate board, known today as Kongcrete Monkeys Mr. Guillaume's third comic strip. The comic strip would later help give ZODCORE a main purpose. Which is to create good entertainment through comic strips and board graphics for extreme sports.

Episode 1
Final Objective

The main object Mr. Guillaume has given ZODCORE is very clear, which is to create good entertainment through Anime. Along the way, meet and help others whom are in this industry as well.