Friday, September 7, 2012

1 Timothy 2-12

We all have a talent. Every single organism/energy was created on Earth to do something very special. We all have a special something hidden inside of us. It’s so special that it makes us different from one another, amazing isn’t it. An interesting question on the topic would be, Where did it come from?

If you were to ask a scientist, Where did my “special” talent come from, the answer would most likely come from their respected field.  If you were to ask a priest (or someone with knowledge of the bible) the same question, they would give you their version. In the end, one must research . Do homework then choose what story to believe in. I, Kevin Guillaume had made my decision on this very important subject. I made a decision because I come to realize, KNOWLEDGE IS NOT POWER. APPLICATION of the KNOWLEDGE is where the true POWER comes from. 

Today I would like to apply this power in a positive way (there is positive & negative power) by paying respect to the main source of all things, GOD.

Now there are many names for the most high, for me, I call him Jehovah. After realizing the awesome talent I have, I figured it was do time to use my talent by creating a piece especially for the Father. I’m simply doing this because not only do I want to acknowledge where my power came from, but I also didn’t want to leave planet Earth without using the power I was blessed with to show my appreciation to Him.

In this piece they are three objects. In the foreground is an Eagle. I choose this to represent an accurate sharpness to the piece.  Also, I made one eye green and the other blue to show the Eagle’s favorite colors.

The middle is the Sun in a close up view. This gives the pic an ever lasting view. A sense of a warm comfort, yet powerful enough to shine through anything. 

In the background is an object that may perceive itself to look beautiful. It may even give the piece it’s flare, if you will. It where’s a helmet made of Crystal and Jade, body armor made of Gold and eyes that are black as a hollow Lie.

 These three object will help tell the tale of The Father, The Son and The Fall Guy.
ZEDHEADS, lend me your ear if you have it to lend.

This short story will be taking differently from everyone.

Once upon a time, a super natural Being realized it was alive and had the power to create it all, starting with the Sun. Realizing all the space He had to work with, well, He got to work. As work went buy with His helpers, the Angels, He realized that He wasn’t getting the Praise He needed from the Angels to stay alive, thus keeping the balance of all existence intact. So He decided to create the ultimate plan on receiving praise willingly from Humans. Involving all humans, his son and one particular Angel, this grand story He created will reboot the Universe forever with all around the clock praise and a happy ending you can only dream of,  THE END :)

Well ZEDHEADS, I believe by reading this it will give you the extra push you need to share your talent with the One true maker of the Universe. I’m a hundred percent sure when you do, you will receive an unspeakable joy. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this article on a very important subject to me.

Sketch it. Ink it. Draw it.


Gyll le Mod said...

This is an awesome article.

Vani2006 said...

Wow Kevin.....u really came on strong with this article. I have to say I'm very happy and proud of u for giving God the acknowledgement he deserves. With this being said, u will see how far u will come now for jus giving God a lil of ur time :) Great job!!!!

emmettamanda said...

KEVIN!!!! this work links to everyone in a particular way...we all have our different viewpoints on religion, but I feel you not only encompassed your own but created a piece that can others can relate to as well....job well done!

emmettamanda said...

Kevin!!! This piece deals with the subject matter of religion and I feel your imagery not only well depicts your own personal beliefs, but also allows others with different viewpoints to connect to it as well! job well done!

Ultimate DinoBoy said...


ZODCORE said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone. I’ll continue my crusade by living like it’s the last day on Earth, so you’ll always get the best out of me :)

Remy lebeau said...

This is a very strong piece Pervy Sage.

madmax said...

i like the religion view you put on this article.

Lunie Caestera said...

Son, your mother is proud with this article. Knowing everyone on Earth has a talent makes you special and knowing where it came from makes you more special. Because that will give you the knowledge to continue.

~Jude 1:2~

BiancaC said...

Very nice. I like the eclectic look of the picture. Draws the reader in to search for meaning.... Funny thing is I wasn't able to see it all until the end,which make the written peace more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Great drawing , the details and colors complete it, Jehovah is our creator and the many talents we each individually have is to him but are we humans giving recognition where it belong ? No,but our loving God still unconditionally love us from beginning , now do I agree he wasn't getting the praise he need from his angels I disagree they are much loyal and praise worthy than humans but just as a mother unconditional love her baby our father Jehovah loves us .....there's no start or finish to him he is infinite and we would have the best we know the environment , home Adam & Eve was given in the beginning and no other God can give that that's why Jehovah stands alone other gods came along and were created along the way but Jehovah is the beginning and with no creator