Friday, May 29, 2015

Slippery When Wet Starring: Jasmin Tosh

Ever feeling like doing something beautiful. For me that normally is creating an art piece. A lot of times the art piece is an illustration a beautiful woman. Come along ZEDHEADS,  today I would like to bless everyone with something beautiful to view for there enjoyment.

This is Jasmin Tosh  Before I get to the person I would like too talk about the art piece. I wanted to keep the beauty of the woman the focus point, so I kinda made the background a little basic, but yet colorful. The pool wave effects are actually a first for me but I think I pulled it off. I believe the water glistering of Miss Tosh body really showed the sexy appeal side of her. 

Now I met Miss Tosh a couple of months ago. After speaking with Miss Tosh for a couple of minutes, I really like how well spoken she was. She had a smile on her face through out our entire  conversation, to me that say's a lot. Another thing I noticed about her was her eye for fashion. She told me she's a fashion blogger and would love for me to do an art piece on her.  If you would like to know more about Miss Tosh visit her "ABOUT ME" page on her site. Check out her Instagram where it has tons of her photos to view.

Here it is in black & white.

Well I hope you ZEDHEADS enjoyed this latest piece.  Time to get ready for FSC
Tell next time everyone.


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Symantha Scott said...

Great piece love the shades!