Thursday, July 30, 2015

Speed Run

Have you ever wanted to put yourself to the test? If you have a talent that you believe your good at, put yourself to the test with a speed run. Now just because your doing it faster doesn't make you better at it. Slow and steady can sometimes win the race. But what it will do is show how well you can do something in a small amount of time. Come along ZEDHEADS and let me show you another creation from the mind of... me, Kevin Guillaume.

What makes this piece special (at least to me) was that I created it in a two day span. One day too draw it and another day to color it. It was something I had never done so I was excited on what I was gonna conjure up. As usual I enjoy drawing the female body and I'm always into colorful funny art. So I combined the two to make this wonderful piece. I pictured a beautiful young lady holding magical stuffed animals captive. I wanted a good combination of colors so I made all the stuffed animals different colors as well as a multiple color gradient backdrop.  I wanted the girl to have a dash of silliness which is why I hiked up her skirt.  I wanted all who see this to get a laugh as well from what the stuffed animals were saying. 

Here it is in black and white.

This is my first speed run. I really enjoyed creating this piece in such a short time and it really showed me that I have what it takes to create something cool in a short amount of time.  Cheers ZEDHEADS



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