Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Life's A Beach Pt.2

LIFE! I drink it in like fine wine! Not just any cheap wine, but the kind that has been aged over a great amount of years. This piece reminds me as such a feeling. Gather around ZEDHEADS, and behold a very comfortable view.

 On this peace I was imagining extreme beauty & comfort.  What better than illustrating  a combination of a beautiful woman enjoying a nice day at the beach.  I've done other pieces about a beautiful woman enjoy the day at the beach, but with this one, I  wanted to try something new with lighting. The background displays a good clash of light and dark. Its as if the rain wants to come out but is over powered by the light. The waves on the sea has a light chop to it, but not to stop anyone from taking a dip. 

The young lady is in a comfortable bliss. Her eyes tell you a story of preparing to sleep, or just waking up from a brief nap. I wanted the colors not just be vivid in this piece, but to have a soothing flow for the eyes to explore. 

Here it is in black & white

I had a great time creating this piece and I hope all who cared to view this enjoyed it. Tell next time, cheers :)



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