Sunday, March 1, 2015

Break The Walls Down!

Sometimes through my art skills, I like to give thanks to others.  Every now or then I would create a piece for a friend, a loved one or even a complete stranger that I don't know. It is also another way for me to show gratitude for having some of my sense in-tacked for me to complete these illustrations. At times, I have to remember where the true source of my abilities come from and create a special piece for my Father in Heaven, Jehovah

I enjoyed the first piece I made for Jehovah called, "1 Timothy 2-12" so much I new I had to create  another one for the Father.  This particular piece talks about Jericho
For the most accurate knowledge of this piece I would advise you to go the links I have highlighted. 

 In this piece I wanted to give a vivid look on what the beginning results were when the wall started to collapse.  Although the castle was built with rock and sand, I wanted to show a lush grass field to show that when it comes to choosing a place to live, a good location for water was needed.
Although other pics show many more people blowing trumpets, I wanted to focus on the castle crumbling down. The light coming from the ski represents an angle helping out Joseph and his descendants with the great task.

Here it is in black and white.

Well I hope all you ZEDHEADS enjoyed this piece I created for the Almighty God, Jehovah.



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Gyll Le Mod said...

This is an amazing art peice.